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  USA Wine Shipping

Welcome to the JoliSoleil USA Wine Club - a service by JoliSoleil Wine tours

Ordering wines ONLINE from your USA home to your USA home (except Utah) - Shipping wines from France or Italy to the USA, also for your online Zoom tasting

We can ship the wines you have bought on a tour with us in France or Italy to many countries in the world. For our American customers we even went one step further. Americans can now (re-)order wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany from their homes. We take care of all duties and custom papers. The wines will be delivered by DHL, UPS or FedEx on your doorstep. For some wines this is the ONLY way to get them in the USA as they might not be imported in your country.

So members can now (re-)order wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany from their USA home to their USA home (except Utah) . We take care of climate controlled storage and all duties and custom papers.

Of course there are shipping costs but as the wines are not consumed in France or Italy, you do NOT pay the 20% French (TVA) or Italian taxes on the bottle. This tax advantage sponsors and often completely pays for your shipping costs. All and all shipping wines has become easy and affordable now!

You can order the selected wines in our shop in boxes of 6.

Keeping the tax advantage in mind: the shipping price for 6 bottles already drops to about Euro 16,= per bottle instead of +/- Euro 21,= (including all insurances).
BUT if you ship a total of 3 boxes (18 bottles) or more of any wine/winery in this shop, your net shipping costs drop to +/- Euro 5,= (or less) per bottle.

So per bottle you pay about the same as you would pay at the winemaker in France or Italy! You simply will not find a better offer anywhere in the USA for these high quality wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany.

Registering in our Club means that you will receive our Newsletter and special offers. You also get free access to the files and information on the Member area of JoliSoleil Wine tours.

And why not let us organize an online tasting using Zoom for you?

There is no obligation for a Club member to buy, but we are sure you will find something. Remember for some of our wines this is the ONLY way to get them in the USA. So ..... apply for our Newsletter or better:

Become a Club member and start shopping today !

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For a price calculation example please see Shipping of wines bought: on a tour, by order form or online in our shop in the footer.

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