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Zoom online tastings

  • Online tastings are offered to people in the Netherlands and the USA (to start with) live using "Zoom" (free cloud software)

  • Each event takes about 2 hours and is designed for a maximum of 18 people in a (private) group.

  • In a live tasting event all participants will taste and discuss the same wines

  • Winemakers will participate and comment on the wines you bought and will be tasting, pre-recorded or live.

  • Participants will receive from JoliSoleil:​​

    • Information on the use of Zoom. (pdf)

    • General information about wine tasting (pdf)

    • General information about the region and the wines from that region (pdf)

    • Specific information on the 6 different wines we will taste and the wineries where the wines come from (pdf)

    • A tasting notes form (pdf) to be printed out and used for the session

    • By mail (Netherlands)  or UPS/ FedEx (USA) - tasting wines (box(es) of 6 wines - 1 box per 6 participants)

    • A gift voucher to be used on a "real" JoliSoleil wine tour in Alsace or Burgundy (will not expire)

  • Needed on your location:

    • 3 wine glasses per person

    • Water​

    • Bread and some cheese

    • PC's or Smartphones with an Internet connection

Possibility 1 - Alsace

  • Buy six different Alsatian wines by yourself in a local wine store (we can advise you here)

  • Mail us which wines you bought for your group tasting

  • JoliSoleil will buy the same 6 wines in Alsace so we can and will taste and discuss the same wines

  • Costs USA - tasting event per participant: $ 25,=  plus the amount (without tax) for the 6 tasting wines we pay at the winery.

Possibility  2 - Alsace and Burgundy

  • Alsace tasting with shipped boxes -  choices: 

    • a) Alsace wines: receive 1,2 or 3 boxes with 6 different Alsace wines (2 grand cru's) per box

    • b) Alsace wines: receive 1,2 or 3 boxes with 6 different Alsace wines (4 grand cru's) per box 

  • Burgundy tasting with shipped boxes - choices 

    • a) Burgundy wines: receive 1,2 or 3 boxes with 6 different Burgundy wines (2 premier cru's, 1 grand cru) per box

    • b) Burgundy wines: receive 1,2 or 3 boxes with 6 different Burgundy wines (2 premier cru's, 2 grand cru's) per box

  • Pinot noir wine tasting with shipped boxes; receive 1,2 or 3 boxes with 3 different Alsatian pinot noirs and 3 different Burgundy pinot noirs per box

Costs tasting event plus  6, 12 or 18 shipped wines

  • Netherlands: to be announced soon, for now please mail .

  • USA:

    • Tasting event per participant: $ 25,=  plus for the tasting wines including shpping:

      • No of tasting boxes a 6 wines / box  for 2-<=6 participants: 1          for 7- <=12 participants:  2        for 13-<=18 participants:. 3

      • Alsace box a) including shipping      for 2-<=6 participants $ 230,= for 7- <=12 participants.$ 390,= for 13-<=18 participants.$ 490,=.

      • Alsace box b) including shipping      for 2-<=6 participants.$ 325,=.for 7- <=12 participants.$ 590= for 13<=18 participants.$ 785,=

      • Burgundy box a) including shipping for 2-<=6 participants.$.380,= for 7- <=12 participants.$ 699,=.for 13-<=18 participants $ 950,=

      • Burgundy box b) including shipping for 2-<=6 participants.$ 495,= for 7- <=12 participants.$ 920,= for 13-<=18 participants 1280,=

      • Pinot Noir box Alsace & Burgundy   for 2-<=6 participants.$ 395,= for 7- <=12 participants.$ 720,= for 13-<=18 participants.$ 980,=

Prices for the wines are "net" charged by the winery (without French taxes (TVA)) + shipping costs and insurance​s (check USA wine shipping)

Because of Covid shipping costs might slightly vary!  

Why not send us a mail or fill in an inquiry form to discuss your customised private online wine tasting with Pieter?

You can book a private online wine tasting here.


Join us for an unforgettable wine & food adventure!

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