Affiliate marketing

and partnerships

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote my products and/or services.

If you generate a sale for my company "JoliSoleil" via your (travel) website (or Blog) , you become a sales channel for me, you will get paid 15% over the net sales price.

You earn 15% over the total sales price before taxes. Of course if you don't generate sales, you do not get paid.

How does it work - what  to do to become an affiliate?

As an affiliate from JoliSoleil you will receive one or more sales widgets (ready chunks of software for each tour) that you can integrate in your website or Blog. (Please check if you are able to integrate html code (an <iframe>))

Those widgets come from Regiondo or  Bokun (a TripAdvisor company).

How can you be sure you will get paid?

The Regiondo or Bokun system (TripAdvisor) will register all sales that came via you (your sales channel) , so you can be sure you will get paid!


Mail us to set you up as a JoliSoleil (wine) tour affiliate!

Please give us the url and name of your (travel) website that you want to use. 

Booking partners


Financial partners

JoliSoleil via other websites

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