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History of our 1750 farm

JoliSoleil is the name I gave the old farm (+/- 1750) in France that I bought in 1999. The property is divided between a garage and partially sous sol bread oven and a main house with a grange and 6 bedrooms. Originally the farm was a bit smaller but somewhere in time some space was added on the back side. Outside we have 2 independent "sources" that would provide drinking and shower water in the past. Nowadays we also have " l'eau de commune". Our dogs prefer the source water though given the choice. 































Heating in the old days was (and is) done burning wood in a big fire place accessible from two sides and a wood stove in the kitchen. Today we have added fuel heating and a solar panel for hot water in the summer.  

In the old days the kitchen was more centrally located near the big fire place. We still find the old dish washing place and water exhaust under the window.


The farm has 3 bathrooms (2 showers) and 3 rest rooms. We have made 2 separate offices.

To cover the distances we had to add 2 access points to the WiFi as we want to be able to use our iPads on the patio and/or in the bathtub too. 

In the years we rented the place we have had many people staying like musicians, motor cyclists and "religious man discussion groups". 

Today we are just 2 people with a lot of space. In relation and addition to our wine tours and tastings we decided to use part of the extra space as a bed and breakfast.

Our farm is centrally located in the Vosges mountains in between the Alsace and the Burgundy wine region. 


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